Poems of Healing


“How may I touch you across
this chasm of thrown things?”
Li Young Lee - The Winged Seed

I say,
Don’t be afraid.
Take a leap across
And you may find
Only yourself

Then I say,
Don’t be afraid.
Take a leap in
And you may find
An angle of light
Where the discarded
The scraps, the crushed
Look alive and mysterious.

Then begin to salvage
The thrown things:
Twisted pieces of wire,
Ragged pieces of rope,
Shattered mirrors.

Collect, trim
Sand the edges
Buff to a luster
Arrange and glue
Assemble and mount.

Step back,
Look again with tenderness.

If you like
The kind of shadow it makes
You will be consoled.

Esther Kamkar, Palo Alto, California artist and poet. Poems, poetry, writing, published works - footer logo

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