Poems of Healing

:: Assemblage

:: If Colors Could Heal

:: You Called To Ask Why It Is Essential
    For Me To Keep The House

:: Redoing The Pantry At Fifty

:: New Year’s Day, 2005

:: Instead of Words

:: Floating Poem: Wings over Water

:: At the End of the Tunnel

Esther Kamkar: My daughter commented recently on how, after 32 years in America, I have still not adapted to one important cultural trait – that I let myself get too close to people when I talk to them or stand behind them in a line, and she has to pull me back a little to create a gap. I find this long American distance between people strange.

Sometimes I notice some people walk backwards one or two steps, unobtrusively distancing themselves when they feel uncomfortable. Such proximity doesn't disturb me at all and I often find myself moving forward a step or two, pulling gently on their shirt sleeve or barely touching their hand, as if I had a deer in front of me that I didn't want to startle.

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