Poems on Politics

Love Extinguishes The Pain
A Painting by Barbara Leventhal-Stern

The birds are dead;
they float on their backs.

The elephant sprays cool
water on the woman
in flames.

She is burning
burning in the fire.

Her mouth is burning;
they pulled
her gold crowns.

Her pelvis is burning.
All she wanted
was a bed
with white sheets;
they mated her
with monkeys.

She is burning
in the fire
of the ovens.
The birds are dead,
and the human-eyed
elephant sprays her flaming body.

Because I am a dreamer,
the human-eyed elephant
visits me in my dreams,
brings me
the burning woman’s
black shoes.
Only her shoes.

Esther Kamkar, Palo Alto, California artist and poet. Poems, poetry, writing, published works - footer logo

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